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21 Jun 2017 No Comments

China’s long awaited property tax appears to be delayed… again

It may not seem like it from our perspective in the US but many nations do not have, or are trying to implement a property tax. There are certainly number […]
15 Jun 2017 No Comments

California’s Board of Equalization

The California Board of Equalization overseen by 4 elected board members and with a staff of 4,700 is responsible for collecting $64.3 Billion dollars from more than 30 taxes and […]
12 Aug 2016 No Comments

Academics Criticize Taipei’s Assessment Practices

Academics are calling for Taipei to raise it’s assessed values, most of which have been frozen for more than three decades. Read the details here.
2 Aug 2016 No Comments

Seattle’s Priciest Home has a $0 Property Tax Bill

How does a the most expensive privately owned mansion in Seattle have no property taxes due? Check out the article here to find out!
1 Aug 2016 No Comments

Kalamazoo Budget Hole Plugged by $70M in Private Donation

The city of Kalamazoo MI has been gifted $70.3 million over a three year period by anonymous private donors to fix its budget problems. This new funding will allow the […]
25 Jul 2016 No Comments

Assessed Vs. Market Value Visualization in NYC

Very cool visualizations of apparent disparities between assessed and market values around New York City’s Central Park. While the visualizations are certainly descriptive, the sources of the comparative “Market Data” […]
11 Mar 2016 No Comments

Kansas Supeme Court Strikes Down 2014 Property Tax Law

The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled a 2014 law unconstitutional by a 5-2 vote. The law froze values of homeowners that had won apparels for a period of 2 years. […]
29 Jan 2016 No Comments

Property Tax Fraud-Duval County

Duval county Florida is cracking down on property tax fraud.  Learn more HERE
29 Jan 2016 No Comments

Axiomatic Article in ArcNews

Check out the latest edition of ArcNews (page 25) with an article on parcel aggregation co-written with Nancy von Meyer of Fairview Industries HERE
29 Jan 2016 No Comments

Property Taxes in NYC

New York City is a buzz about the proposed 2% property tax cap already in place in the rest of the state. While the measure has passed the senate it […]