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20 Jan 2016 No Comments

Mass. Levy Limits: A guide to Proposition 2.5

Levy limits aren’t always what they appear. At face value Massachusetts proposition 2.5 would appear to limit property tax increases to not more than 2.5%. As is usually the case with […]
13 Jan 2016 No Comments

Indian Municipality Prepares to Tax Slums for The First Time

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is preparing to tax slums using a graduated sale from Rs 2,400 to Rs 18,000 depending on the size of the structure rather than using a […]
5 Jan 2016 No Comments

Property Tax on Ghost Apartments Doubles

Interesting article from the Jerusalem Post  regarding the municipality of Jerusalem’s method for dealing with their budget shortfall.  READ HERE
1 Dec 2015 No Comments

Property Tax Based on Size?

Interesting article from the Irish Times on size based property taxation.  READ HERE
30 Nov 2015 No Comments

Eliminate Property Tax?

PA is considering abandoning property tax to support schools.  Learn more about it here.
30 Nov 2015 No Comments

007 Tax Fraud

Looks like James Bond is needed to help with a property tax fraud case.
2 Oct 2015 No Comments

Chicago Tax Impact Mapped

Great article and map data showing the impact of the proposed Chicago property tax hike.  READ HERE
29 Sep 2015 No Comments

UPS Utilizes BRP to go Digital

Great article from TechTarget on how UPS used BPR to go digital.  READ HERE
25 Sep 2015 No Comments

Chicago Considering Overhaul of Property Exemptions

Chicago residents are facing the largest city property tax increase in modern history. In an effort to blunt the blow mayor Rahm Emanuel is overhauling the exemptions and credits program […]
25 Sep 2015 No Comments

Jogging for Frogman Boston 5k

Axiomatic is proud to sponsor the Joggin’ for Frogmen Boston 5K  to benefit the 31 Heroes Project, the Navy Seal Foundation, and the Travis Mason Foundation. The Race is in […]