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Property Tax Systems

Axiomatic specializes in the field of property tax.  Our team of experts has deep knowledge of property tax theory, administration, regulation and software systems.

AXEQ-Property Tax Equalization System


Axiomatic’s Innovative property tax equalization platform, AX-EQ integrates local sales verification, with county and state level review, ratio study generation, real estate transfer tax administration, and integrated sales message boards, all within a geospatially enabled environment. Whether operating at the state, county or municipal level, Axiomatic’s Cloud Based equalization system provides a streamlined interface for local sales verification and regional review and assessment validation.  Powered by the statistical engine R, AX-EQ is able to perform deep statistical calculations to identify and reveal data patterns through advanced ratio study stratification.

 Mosaic Land Records System

The Axiomatic Land Records System enables regional, state, and federal governmental entities to utilize land records to improve their business processes and realize nearly instant ROI.

Axiomatic works with local data maintainers at the county and municipal level to establish sustainable and and up-datable data streams for parcel map, assessment, deed, and mortgage information. All of the information is standardized and compiled using custom Axiomatic processes producing the highest quality. Authoritative Land Records Data. Because Axiomatic Land Records are only sourced from the authoritative government maintainers, you can rely on the quality accuracy. Contact Axiomatic today to discuss your upcoming or ongoing Land Records project.

 Geospatially Enriched Real Estate Transfer Tax e-File

RETTAxiomatic has developed a revolutionary process for enhancing the quality of data in Real Estate Transfer Tax electronic filings. Through a spatial enrichment process real estate information can be analyzed in a spatial platform in real time, empowering decision makers and data analyst.   Contact us today for a demonstration!